Lockport Quarry
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Looking Forward

We are committed to ensuring the Lockport Quarry remains a valuable part of the community for years to come.



The Future of the Lockport Quarry

The quarry has provided a stable supply of high-quality aggregate for more than 70 years to help grow the local economy and support the surrounding community. Reserves of aggregate are running low in the existing quarry and we are now pursuing options to ensure the quarry remains beneficial to the community well into the future.


Near-Term Future:
We are currently mining along the south side of the existing quarry that runs parallel to Hinman Road. The need for this high-grade material was unexpected. Our reserves in the western portion of the quarry proved not to contain high-quality material that could meet New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) standards for road construction. Our permit application to mine along the south side of the quarry was thoroughly reviewed by the Lockport Town Board and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and allows us to mine 11 acres of land along the south wall of the quarry. This provides an additional year and a half to two years worth of reserves to maintain our operations.


We are also pursuing a permit to mine on a 15 acre parcel of land on the south east side of the north quarry in the City of Lockport known as the Murphy parcel. This parcel contains material meeting DOT quality standards. Our request to mine in this area is being reviewed by the City of Lockport. Once we receive guidance from the city we will ask the DEC for a permit change to allow mining on the Murphy parcel. Depending on whether we receive this permit change and the amount of acreage we are permitted to mine, the Murphy parcel may provide a year or year and a half of reserves.


Long-Term Future:
In the long-term, we are reviewing options for additional high quality reserves. Over the years, we have purchased parcels of property south of Hinman Road for reserves and buffers. This area is known to have high-quality mineral resources which are likely to meet DOT requirements.


However, before mining can potentially begin, there are many reviews and decisions that must be made. Recently, the Town of Lockport published a Draft Master Plan to provide a vision for Lockport's future and to identify goals, objectives and a path forward to meet that vision. We are aware that the Lockport Quarry can and must play a vital role in making that vision a reality by providing essential products to build that future. We look forward to participating in the public comment process on the plan with our neighbors, local businesses and other community members.

It is our hope that the quarry can continue to be a valuable community resource and stable, local employer well into the future.


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